Hygiene & quality first

Hygiene & quality are the first and foremost concerns at every level at CPS Processing. All processes within our production facility are designed to ensure the highest level of food safety, and are monitored constantly by our QA department.


Continuous improvement

At CPS Processing, we drive our commitment to continuous improvement for quality, sustainability & safety by setting ourselves the highest & strictest third-party standards in the industry.

Time-to-market - freshness first

Freshness first @ CPS Processing, so we can secure our customers with highly fresh & qualified salmon products


The fresh salmon
is farmed &
slaughtered in the
ocean farms.

DAY 2-3

Delivery of fresh salmon
to our production site
in Riemst, Belgium,
2-3 days after the catch.


Same day shipment – thanks to our state-of-the art production site & machinery park, our salmon is processed in a highly efficient way, so products can be ready for shipment within 8 hours.


It takes about 5 days between catch & consumpution of our fresh salmon products. In this way we can secure highly fresh & qualified products to our customers & end-consumers.